Common Causes of Car Accidents in Miami, Florida and Miami-Dade County

Miami, Florida, has a population of about 433,136 people. Many of Miami's citizens drive a car to get to work or run errands. As a result, the odds of being involved in a car accident while traveling are high. These accidents can be small fender benders where no one is injured or it can be an extremely devastating experience which causes your life to be turned upside down.

Some of the highways in the Miami, Florida, area that assist residents and local businesses in carrying out their daily tasks include: SH 9, SH 836, SH 7, I-395, and I-95. Sadly, traveling on these highways, at the high rates of speeds allowed by the law, can often lead to severe car accidents due to a simple human error or car failure. Due to the frequency Miami citizens use their cars it is easy to forget the danger cars pose.

Common Causes of Miami, Florida and Miami-Dade County Car Accidents

Many Miami or Miami-Dade County car accident injuries, accidents, crashes, and wrecks involving one or multiple vehicles occur because of one or a combination of the following causes:

  • Failure to Follow the Laws of the Road
  • Dangerous Road Conditions
  • Reckless Driving
  • Teenage/Inexperienced Drivers
  • Automobile Design Defects

Miami Personal Injury Trial Lawyers are licensed to practice in Florida state courts. Some of these courts include:

Miami-Dade County Trial Courts
Miami-Dade Circuit Court
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Miami-Dade County Coral Gables District Court
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Miami-Dade County Hialeah District Court
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Miami-Dade County Miami Beach District Court
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Miami-Dade County North Dade Justice Center
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South Dade Government Center
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Joseph Caleb Center Office
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Failure to Follow the Miami Laws of the Road

To obtain a license, you must pass a test proving you know the rules of the road! If you violate one of these laws and cause an accident you can be held liable for the damage you caused. These laws were drafted for public safety. A uniform set of rules ensures every driver operates their vehicle by the same rules and standards and, as a result, drivers can avoid Miami car accidents. Sadly, not everyone follows every driving law in Miami. When that happens, you need a Miami car accident lawyer. Each driver on Miami roads is supposed to leave a safe distance between the front of his car and the back of the car ahead of him. Unfortunately, many drivers in Miami tailgate other cars and this is the leading cause of cars rear ending other cars. If your car was rear-ended by another car contact a Miami Car Accident lawyer today to recover what you are owed.

In addition to tailgating, another leading cause of car accidents is the failure to obey street signs. Stop signs and traffic lights should never be ignored. When they are, a serious car accident is likely to occur. These accidents usually involve one car hitting the side of another car, which can often lead to a car being flipped onto its roof.

To many of us, driving has become second nature and as a result we feel comfortable breaking the speed regulations set by the government. Some drivers justify speeding by saying everyone does it! Unfortunately, when a driver speeds it decreases his reaction time and, as a result, increases the odds of causing a serious car accident.

Dangerous Road Conditions:

Bad weather conditions like the heavy snow pictured here can cause drivers to lose control of their cars and crash.While drivers can control what they do behind the wheel, they cannot control the conditions in which they drive. Obviously, driving during the day poses significant risks but these risks significantly increase when you have to drive at night. Despite advances in headlight technology, night driving obviously leads to decreased road visibility and, as a result, the driver's ability to see hazards down the road. As such, it is important to take extra precautions when driving at night. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes these risks and fails to drive appropriately. If you have been involved in a car accident at night you should talk to a Miami, Florida, car accident law firm today!

In addition to night time driving, bad weather can also lead to dangers road conditions. Rain, snow and ice can all make the roads slippery and increase the amount of space it takes cars to stop! In addition to added breaking time, many cars can hydroplane or spin-out because of the bad weather. Losing control of your car can lead to driving off the road, into oncoming traffic, or unintentionally shifting into another car's lane. Driving conditions are relevant when determining a driver's fault in causing an accident. Talk to a local Miami-Dade County car accident attorney to help you seek compensation after an automobile accident.

Finally, hazardous roads conditions such as potholes, uneven roads, and roadside construction are also common causes of car accidents. All of these conditions can lead to tire blowouts either by hitting a pothole at high speeds, puncturing the side of the tire on an uneven surface, or a nail or bolt from the construction crew. Realistically, these things happen and there is nothing we can do to change this fact. If a driver strikes your car because of one of these many problems you should contact an experienced Miami car accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Rain, Sleet and Snow!

As every driver knows, when the weather gets bad, so do the roads. Car accidents happen very often in the rain because water creates slick and dangerous surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Rain makes the road slippery. Indeed, a road is at its most slippery at the beginning of a rainstorm as oil rises to the surface and creates a greasy surface. Rain can also decrease visibility making it difficult for drivers to see other cars. Rain combined with dirty water kicked up from the road by other drivers can also cloud a windshield.

Some tips for Miami residents to prevent accidents in the rain whether they are driving near home or on road trips: drive slower; keep your eyes on the car ahead of you; do not break suddenly; avoid standing or flood water, snow piles, and icy patches of road. Unfortunately, even when driving safely, auto accidents can happen. If you get into an accident in Miami due to rain, please contact one of the Miami car accident attorneys listed on our page to ensure you receive the legal help you need. They know how to properly file a car accident law suit and negotiate with Florida insurance companies like:

SOL Insurance Agency
1370 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 643-2333

A Nelco Insurance Group
1820 Northwest 15th Street
Miami, FL 33125
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Transamerica Insurance Agency
1375 Northwest 36th Street
Miami, FL 33142
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Miami Car Insurance
11 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130
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Royal Auto Insurance Inc
2362 Northwest 7th Street
Miami, FL 33125
(305) 649-3408

                   When you sign an insurance policy, you are entitled to recover when you are in a car accident and a local car accident lawyer will assist you in recoverying everything you are entitled to receive.

Reckless Driving:

The roads are dangerous enough without adding bad driving habits to the equation. Everyone has at one point in time been angry at another driver. Albeit, driving can be extremely frustrating due to traffic and bad drivers. Unfortunately, some drivers allow this anger to control their driving. When drivers let frustration take, they forget the basic rules of safe driving and create a dangerous situation on the road likely leads to an accident.

Road rage is not the only catalyst of reckless driving. Recent movies like Fast & Furious have led to an increased popularity of street racing amongst drivers today. Many people modify their cars engines to raise its horsepower and place car kits on their cars to increase its aerodynamics to increase its overall top-end speed. Sadly, these super cars are designed to reach extremely high speeds in a short amount of time. Many of these drivers are inexperienced at handling these types of cars and will lose control of their vehicle and crash into a barrier or another car causing serious damage and sometimes the loss of life.

Perhaps the most common reckless driving occurring today is when someone gets behind the wheel when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As a result of their intoxicated state, drivers lose their ability to focus and function a vehicle properly. Often, drunk drivers will be unable to keep their car in their own lane or maintain a safe speed while driving. Sadly, many drunk drivers cause significant injuries to other drivers who are obeying the rules of the road. If you have been injured in a car accident because of a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs you should contact an experienced Miami car accident law firm and speak to one of its attorneys today to help you in your time of need.

No matter where you live, alcohol-related traffic deaths are always a possibility especially in Miami-Dade County. Drinking impairs your senses and results in decreased muscle coordination and slowed reaction time, which is not a good combination for driving a car. Despite the obvious dangers of drinking and driving, many people still get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. You need a skilled car accident lawyer to represent you in a local Miami-Dade County court to ensure you recover everything you are entitled to under Florida car accident law.

The first step to avoiding these accidents is to have a plan to get yourself home when you've been drinking. Make sure you keep these Miami cab numbers in your pocket:

Diamond Cab
140 Northwest 8th Avenue
Miami, FL 33128
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Checker Cab Co
2222 Northwest 22nd Court
Miami, FL 33142
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Miami Taxi
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Miami Cab
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Kendall Yellow Cab
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Inattentive Drivers:

On the opposite end of the spectrum of road rage, or drivers who allow driving to affect them too much, are inattentive drivers. Drivers who do not pay attention or who focus on other things than driving are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Again, people's willingness to focus on other tasks, like changing the radio, comes as a result of people feeling too comfortable behind the car and having too much faith in their skills behind the wheel.

Due to the hustle and bustle of life, many people view driving as a time to catch up with another person or to handle small tasks. If you look into another person's car window when passing or being passed you will often see a person talking on the phone, texting on their phone, eating, putting on make-up, or entering an address into a GPS unit. Sadly, many of us are guilty of doing one or all of these distractions while driving. Luckily, these does not always cause a serious accident; but, it only takes one time to change your life or the life of someone else.

Sometimes, however, an inattentive driver is not on the phone or doing something else other than driving. New drivers, mostly teens, are not known for their carefulness. Many teens, when they first get their license, want to drive with their friends in the car. Unfortunately, these friends are just another distraction to an inexperienced driver. If you have been in a car accident due to a driver's inattention then you need to contact a local Miami-Dade County car accident lawyer.

Automobile Design Defects:

Tire blow outs like the one seen here happen more often than we would like to admit and can lead to serious injury if you are travelling on a highway when it happens, contact a local Miami car accident attorney to seek justice.Unlike the other common causes of car accidents, the final category of common causes is a result of automobile design defects. Automobiles have hundreds of parts and when one part goes bad or breaks it can lead to catastrophic results. One of the most recent and notorious car defects were tire design flaws. A few years ago Firestone received a lot of bad publicity for their tires blowing out on highways resulting in severe injuries to the drivers and passengers of their vehicles.

Tires, however, are not the only part on a car that can lead to serious accidents. Many drivers have had to awful experience of having their brakes go out while driving. Being unable to stop a car when moving at any speed can pose significant dangers to people in the car and around it. More recently, Toyota cars unintentionally accelerated and drivers were unable to stop. The bottom line is that cars cannot be made perfectly and require constant maintenance. Improper maintenance is also another cause of car accidents. Having your car checked by a car dealer or mechanic can help prevent your car from getting you into an accident. If, however, you have suffered an accident as a result of a car design defect contact an experienced car accident attorney today

After being in a car accident, it is important to get your car to a mechanic immediately. Driving around in a car that has been in an accident poses significant risk to you and every other driver on the road. Many accidents may seem small but even the smallest accident can cause serious damage, even if you can't see any damage to your car. It is always best to have a mechanic inspect your car after being in a collision. This not only protects your life but also your finances. If something is wrong with your car and you fail to repair it, you will likely incur additional expenses as the problem worsens and begins to damage other parts of your car. Here are a few local car repair shops in your area: 

Local Miami, Florida car repair businesses:

Adrien's Service Station
3600 NW 46th Street
Miami, FL 33141
(305) 929-3931

Champion Auto Clinic
1643 Southwest 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 644-1191

Access Tools & Equipment
1628 Northwest 28th Street
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 635-1011

George's Service Center
15 Southwest 17th Avenue
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 642-0995


Here is a map of all of the Miami automobile repair shops:


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Potholes and other Conditions of the Road

Motorists in Miami-Dade County are well aware of the dangers posed by potholes in the street. Drivers run the risk of losing control of their car or blowing out a tire when they drive over these potholes. Potholes can cause car accidents and fatal motorcycle accidents, especially when a pothole is so severe as to make a driver lose control of their vehicles. Motorcycle drivers in Miami, Florida, are at special risk if they ride over a pothole, given the dynamics of a motorcycle and fewer safety features.

It is helpful to report potholes to the local Miami-Dade County governmental agency charged with keeping the roads safe. When reporting this information, it is important to make sure to give the exact location of the pothole, be prepared to describe it, and inform them whether you think it is a danger to other drivers on the road. Reporting potholes and other dangerous road conditions on local Miami highways, such as, SH 9, SH 836, SH 7, I-395, and I-95, is of the utmost importance due to the fact that drivers are normally traveling at high speeds on these roads.

If you have lost control of your vehicle and been injured or involved in an automobile accident because someone else lost control of their vehicle as a result of a pothole or unsafe road conditions, you should immediately contact one of the local Miami-Dade County car accident law firms that advertise on this page.

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